Side Pocket Whore

I thought I had you figured out
By working the right angle
Never even thought outside
The tangible triangle

Now I have you in my sights
I calculate the fractions
Never even thought about
The consequence of my actions
You knock about and bounce around
Can't tell just where you're going
You crash and burn and then you learn
There's just no way of knowing.

How was I supposed to know
When I wound you up to let you go
That you'd head for the one thing
That I most deplore

You mix your solids and your stripes
Scratch me with your moans and gripes
Now you're acting like
My little side pocket whore

When I see you going round
When I see you about town
When I see you knocking all the boys down
You'll notice that I'm not around
Not with you
Not with you
Not with you

I'll admit that I set you up
To take the hardest blow
But when I broke, I missed my shot
I guess I didn't know

But now I have a second chance
To prove just what I think
I will knock you down this time
Won't quit until you sink.
I rack you up and shoot you down
Get ready for a great fall
Now I find myself again
Stuck behind the 8-ball